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ºҡ㹧ҹͺ 繡ѹͧ ҺôΌѺͧѴ ҡѹẺ˹ҽҤ 駤ͺǷͺ蹤سͤ йͧѴء件 ҺôҾ ͹ ŻԹǴǧѹԧ ҧ㨡ѹѧ ҷ º Ե, Ԫ ѯԪҴѧѸdzԪ, ᴹ ˵С, ѹ The Face Men, ͹ ѷ, Getsunova, ١ Ԩԡ, ǧ Znowball ǧ the 10th Saturday ҧʧ窢ͧŪ Ѻ纤 ͹§ҹҸó 㹾Ըա÷º Ѵ鹾ٴ֧ҷ 仢ͧ ԧ 㨔 ŧҹŧشҶ çѹ㹡ҧŧ ѴǶ֧ ⵷ҧԴ ѡͧҡ šҡ ֧ҡʺóԴ ҹŧ о ѺԴǧҹ¹ شͧ Ѵ 2 駪ǧҧҡҹ¹ áͧ͹ҹ֧ 4 Ҥ㨷觼ҹ ͧǴ ѧ㨼餹ҹ ÷Ҩҡ лʺóѹçس Ңͧ Ѻͺ͡ ҡçҺžخ СöҾҧͺ ͧͧǴǧͧ ҴԹԤ͹쵨ҡ ͹ ŻԹ Getsunova ١ Ԩԡ ǧ Znowball ǧ the 10th Saturday лԴԴǤáͧ 㨔 㹴Ẻ New indy folk ѧʺ º ҧзѺѺᢡ õΌѺ ͹Դ´¡þٴ ᨡѺΌ ѹ鹾Ըա

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Reds open nest to prepare Red Lion win the final UCL tickets SBOBET
Analysis of the English Premier League today will be the last battle of the 2016/2017 season, of course, it must be very interesting because it will kick up 10 pairs of the pair today, the couple is quite a lot of couples in the couple. Believe that the fans will be the most likely to win the quota of the final ticket to the UEFA Champions League by the team in the Premier League. [/size] To play in the UEFA Champions League. There are now only two teams, Chelsea League championship and Spurs championship, the other three teams Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City, the three teams must chew in the battle. Finally, on Sunday, which team will be involved in the qualifying round and the team must play in the playoffs. Today we will analyze the football

club of the Reds Liverpool Liverpool open the Anfield Stadium to visit the Red Lion club Middlesbrough. This game is very interesting to see the form and the plans of the two teams to see the home side before Liverpool in the last 5 matches of the team is very good. The latest work done very dearly in the attack to West Ham. United are full 4-0, but now the players are grateful for this game, but the JGenkampPlug may have to get a little plan, because it is still a problem of injury, which must change. SBOBE To play a 4-3-1-2 plan instead of before today, the German boss will send Lana to the low position, the two strikers will use Stirriff and Ferrari to. Finishing the score sure enough On the team side, Red Lion, Middlesbrough Of course, they have to play in the Champions League, the last five of them. Middlesbrough It can be won only one match only. 1 defeat 3 recent home defeat to the club to the Saints 2-1, which the team is not ready to compete with many of the Ramires, Wallis. , Cranea and Gradio, whose Spiderman team will focus on the 4-3-3 system with Bamford, Touchdown and Nair. Guido in the breakthrough the door. For the statistics of the match, this will be the Liverpool side of the Liverpool in the latest game to attack. Middlesbrough to 3-0, but the game is that the opening of Anfield in this important game believes that the Red Hook 3 points, of course.

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